So what's this all about?

In a Nutshell Villain is a Psychological Drama/action comic that centers on three 'villains' trying their best to scratch out a life for themselves.

In more detail Villain is the story of, simply put it, villains. Villains who are only labeled as such if you look at things in stark black and white perspective, but in reality, things are more gray. This comic focuses on three 'brothers' and dabbles on why they turned out they way they did and the bad things in life that shaped them as such. It also panders around the idea of forgiveness, loyalty/family, and the idea that good and evil are only defined in the eye of the beholder. This comic also explores the issue that while 'normal' people themselves are capable of horrible and cruel things, they considered less 'evil' compared to someone that's 'different'. Originally the comic started off as a parody of the Superhero Genre in general, and over the years evolved into something more serious.

Rating: Villain feature heavy cursing, violence, and rather mature themes (like abuse/ torture), so at times it will vary between a PG-13 and a R rating. Earlier chapters will be milder, but as the story progresses things will get much more serious.

Updates: Villain updates Saturday, usually earlier in the morning. The comic is also mirrored on < Deviantart >. For site updates and other thing pertaining to Villain, (along with sketches and other things) are posted to the < Villain Tumblr Blog >.

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