Artwork by the Authors and other really cool people :D

Audio Commentary by the authors and other audio things.

Bobby now has a Tumblr! Go ask him about questions!

Some Villain skins for all you minecrafting nerds out there!

A club on deviantART that people can join, and see all the art and comics in one place!

Maniac (the artist) shows you all how she goes
about making a comic page every week.

A playlist of all the music Maniac listens to when drawing/writing/coding
for Villain. It will constantly update with each new song Maniac manages to
find for the list, so just a heads up. MOST of the music
can be considered to be somewhat of a soundtrack, but not everything
is on the actual soundtrack. Later Maniac will make a playlist
with the proper soundtrack, but until then enjoy the purdy music. C: