In order of appearance. More info/abilities to be reveled as more information becomes available.

Name: Jackie Doe
A.K.A: Jahi Banoub (Name changed when he moved to America)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Black/Hazel
Abilities: None in human form, can become the Egyptian God, Anubis
Theme: Walking Wounded - The Tea Party

Jack is something of an atypical superhero story. He was born to incredibly rich parents in Giza, Egypt. He worked in the field of Archaeology. When in his 20s, Jack found an oversized jackal skull with a ceremonial headdress on it in the sand. The spirit of Anubis, the god of embalming then possessed his body, urging Jack do continue his work. Since Jack hasn't been able to find any Egyptian gods, he used his parents money to open The Citadel of Nephtys, his Egyptian museum. Jack is polite, a bit posh, but also a bit softhearted. He keeps himself very guarded and very little is known about his personality.

Name: Unknown
A.K.A: Bobby Rawker
Age: 20s?
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Black with dyed purple tips/Violet
Abilities: Flight (by obvious means), Immortality (but not invulnerable), skilled in blunt/improvised weaponry
Theme: Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The self-proclaimed 'leader' of a rag-tag group of ruffians, Bobby does his best to take care of his 'family', even if his methods aren't exactly legal. He comes off as charismatic, confident, and sensible, and thus tends to get along well with people. Of course he makes mistakes like any other person, and often has self doubts and worry over if he's really taking care of his crew, but he's focused enough where he can ignore those worries and focus on the problems at hand. Being an ex-rocker seems to have instilled an ability to perform under pressure, as well as a knack for speaking, which probably gets him out of more jams than anything else. He also likes to tell stories from his past that make so sense chronologically, if he's just older than he looks or is just pulling people's legs for the hell of it, it's anyone's guess.

Name: Unknown
A.K.A: Killswitch
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Black and Red/Red
Abilities: Mutant ability to generate/wield plasmatic energy, inhuman strength at times, intimidation/brawling
Theme: Hell Bent For Leather - Judas Priest

Killswitch, put it nicely, is a colossal asshat. He is spiteful, rude, dumb as a rock, and an all around asshole. He's mean down to the bone and doesn't have a problem reminding people of it. But he does have some redeeming qualities, such as loyalty (even though he has an funny way of showing it) to his crew, and even being nice to his little bro Hazard (when he thinks nobody is looking). Thankfully, he a pretty quiet guy, only really talking/yelling when he really has to, so people don't have to deal too much with his stupidity. Quite frankly the only thing he's good at is breaking things and being scary, and he does with great delight.

Name: Unknown
A.K.A: Hazard
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Grey-blue
Abilities: Mutant ability to create and manipulate gasses (chlorine / tear gas / Nitrous Oxide/etc), complete immunity to said gasses
Theme: Map Of The Problematique - Muse

The smallest and youngest member of the trio, Hazard doesn't really seem to have an ounce of malice or ill will in his entire body. He seems to just be along for the ride half the time, and probably doesn't understand exactly what his brothers are doing, but he does his best to keep out of the way and help when he can. Extremely nervous, shy, and quiet, it's very difficult to get him out of his shell. But once he opens up a little, people find that he is a warm, caring little kid that only wants people to like him so he can like them back. Despite old scars and even older secrets, he does his best to be happy and live life as well as he can.

Name: Anubis
A.K.A: Jack Doe, He who is in the place of embalming
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Black(fur)/Hazel
Abilities: Extreme acrobatics, bo-staff weilder, can summon various spirits or monsters like mummies.
Theme: Romance - Apocalyptica

When Jack chooses, he can become the Egyptian God of embalming, and mummification, Anubis. He may be tall, intimidating, and powerful, but underneath he's still the same Jack. When he's Anbuis, Jack will, 'put on a show' and say incredibly corny or hammy things. Jack only becomes Anubis when people threaten to rob his museum (which is often) or if he runs into crime while walking home late at night (which is also very often). He is also secretly looking for other Egyptian Gods, but isn't putting out a great effort on that.

Name: Ammut
A.K.A: Devourer of the Dead, Eater of Hearts, Great of Death
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Hair/Eyes: Golden/Brown fur/Yellow
Abilities: TEETH
Theme: N/A

In ancient times, Ammut stood beside Anubis and ate the hearts of the impure. She lived scales of justice in Duat, the Egyptian underworld. Anubis would weigh the heart of a person against Ma'at, the goddess of truth, who was sometimes depicted symbolically as an ostrich feather. If the heart was judged to be not pure, Ammut would devour it, and the person undergoing judgement was not allowed to continue their voyage towards Osiris and immortality. Ammut was a symbol of fear to the ancient Egyptians, but now in modern times is Jack's pet who hides in the storage room and eats his sneakers.

Name: Sekhmet
A.K.A: Before Whom Evil Trembles, Mistress of Dread, Lady of Slaughter
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Hair/Eyes: Golden(fur)/Yellow
Abilities: Can summon many weapons, an expert user of kopesh blades and the bow and arrow, has various fire-related powers.
Theme: War Dogs - Juno Reactor

Sekhmet was believed to protect the pharaoh in battle, stalking the land, and destroying the pharaoh's enemies with arrows of fire. It was said that death and destruction were balm for her warrior's heart and that the hot desert winds were believed to be her breath. Without other Egyptian gods around, such as her father, Ra, to keep her in line, Sehkmet's fury has simply grown. Now she seeks to destroy any other gods, those with them, just to try and instill the fear and passion that the anchient Egyptians had for her. She's quick to anger, powerful, and widely accepted as insane.

Name: Unknown
A.K.A: Zal
Age: Appears to be late thirties
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue
Abilities: Claws, prehensile tail, might have other hidden mutant abilities
Theme: Make Yourself - Incubus

Zal is probably even more mysterious than the three main 'brothers' of Villain. He suddenly appeared in their house, boasting of an opportunity of a lifetime. Zal, despite his scary appearance, seems to be nothing more than an honest opportunist who really wants to share his loot with anyone who helps him rob a place. Other than that, he also appears to be extremely intelligent, possessing an experience calculating mind and a wealth of useful knowledge. He's even more rough-and-tumble than most people found on the wrong side of the tracks, but not so harsh that he can't make wise-cracks or do things with a classy, dramatic flourish.

Name: Eva
A.K.A: Anna Brunhilde Pendragon
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Hair/Eyes: Bleached Blonde/Green
Abilities: Cyberpathic/Machinery Expert/Bio-mechanical tentacles
Theme: Eva - Orgy

Eva is a technical genius and a master inventor, as well as a very talented indutrialist. She excelled in classes, pushed into them by an overzealous father (Eva was an only child) and graduated at 17. When Eva was 20, her father passed away and left her with Pendragon Industries. Currently, Pendragon Industries is one of the largest military and weapon companies in the world and it has a bit of a reputation. Eva is generally pleasant and quirky. Physically, she's very weak from eating crap and most of the time, not eating at all. She is a slob, and has a butler who follows her around and cleans up after her.

Name: Unknown
A.K.A: Lt. Buzz or just Buzz
Age: 30s?
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Blonde, dyed green/Blue
Abilities: Bionic arm, super speed/strength, other unknown abilities
Theme: Legacy - The Gone Jackals

While a bit tall and somewhat intimidating, one look at Buzz's dopey grin will reveal his true personality. Friendly and optimistic, Buzz is a little dim-witted and immature, but not mean by any stretch. He has a strong, childlike loyalty to his closest friends. This makes him an excellent bodyguard to Eva, whom he treats like a sister. He also possesses a set of mechanical legs and a visible mechanical arm; the latter of which can transform into various weapons or tools at his disposal. When not running around and making a jackass of himself (his favorite hobby) he can be found either racing or repairing cars. He also smells like burnt ass.

Name: Balthasar Bertie Wolverhampton
A.K.A: Brixton, Shere Khan
Age: 60s?
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: White/Very light blue
Abilities: I'm a butler, sir. I buttle.
Theme: Taj Mahal - Sam Roberts

Brixton is named because he's from Brixton in South London, but other than that, he rarely speaks of his own past. In fact, he rarely says anything unless he really has to. He's rather quiet, solitary, and even somewhat shy. His behavior is almost catlike - he seems to come and go whenever he pleases, often seemingly 'dissapearing' when he wants to, but in reality he is just very quick and silent. Brixton barely expresses himself and his emotions seem to range from slightly annoyed to slightly disappointed. When guests are at Pendragon Manor, he barely says anything to them and refers to them with formal titles like sir or miss. He usually cannot stand anyone but Eva and Buzz themselves, both of which he's very protective over.